Watford 1 : Wigan Athletic 0 – 28th September 2013


Well, there you go. When I started writing this blog I always wanted to keep my focus on both Derby & Watford (Facing Two Ways – geddit?). I knew that my eternal love for the Rams would come shining through at times but still wanted to keep it balanced & wanted to get a post up as soon as possible after each game.

Well, it’s been a bit difficult over the last few days.. Firstly, a defeat to our local rivals (Forest, to those not in the know..), viewed on Sky through a haze of Kronenburg 1664. Then a trip to the Vic to see what turned out to be a scarily workmanlike (an un-Watfordlike) victory against an equally workmanlike Wigan. Lastly, later that evening – devastating, shocking news delivered via text from my brother that Nigel Clough had been sacked. Never expected it to happen and was almost crying into my pizza. My focus just hasn’t been on Watford since.

Anyway. Back to the business in hand. It was another packed house at the Vic, if you ignore the desultory number of Wigan fans. Just me and The Big Man for this game, as The Witch was spending some time buying all sorts of jewellery in Brighton. I can’t wait for the new East Stand (The Bassini Stand?) to be built, then we might not be restricted to an obscure corner of the Vic with a better view of Harry the Hornet & his drum rather than the pitch.

It was clear as soon as the game kicked off that Wigan were a decent team, pretty well organised and physical but also able to knock the ball around a bit. I think this led to a bit of a stalemate as both teams sort of cancelled each other out. I don’t think Watford played particularly well but it certainly wasn’t a poor performance. More of a resilient one and that’s nothing to moan about. The Big Man was tad concerned as things proceeded and professed himself happy with a draw. It was one of the games that had 0-0 written all over it as far as I was concerned. Thankfully not, as it turned out.

Watford finally prevailed due to the addition of Battochio and my man Fabbrini (I still think he should be starting ahead of Forestieri) and won one nil. A game to forget perhaps but also a game that you have to win if you have any pretensions to get promoted. Oh and I thought Iriney was excellent AND got booked as well. That’s what I’ve wanted all season.

Now, what’s happening at Pride Park..


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