Watford – mid season musings

In keeping with the split personality nature of this blog, I thought I’d interview myself about where we/they stand at the mid point of the season.

Sum up the season so far in three words
Disappointing. Very. Disappointing.

Has it met your expectations so far?

The season has been a massive let down so far and not at all what I expected. It goes without saying that last season was an exhilarating rollercoaster ride for Watford fans and everyone expected them to step it up this year. The majority of the loanees were given contracts and the new acquisitions seemed to be of a high quality. I had them down as Champions. They’re currently 13th.

Who’s been the star performer?

It was a bit of a struggle to think about this one. Angella has showed a bit of class at the back but has been a bit wayward. Doyley has been solid and the defence has certainly performed better when he’s been in the side. However, Fernando Forestieri probably has been the best player, certainly getting more game time, scoring a few goals and creating for others. No one has really pulled up any trees though.  

Biggest disappointment?
I’ve moaned about Iriney a few times so it must be him, especially as his role as holding midfielder is so important to the side. I expected a classy, experienced enforcer but instead we had someone who patrolled the centre circle knocking short passes around, not a particularly tough tackler and someone who was bypassed quite a lot. His error that led to the second Derby goal in October was shocking. Having said all that, due to the poor standard of the other players who have tried that role, I tend to think he should be given another chance. Yes, I am a bit fickle.

Best match?

I’d have to say the first match of the season against Brum has been the highlight so far. It all seemed like it was going so well back then. 2,700 Hornets in the away end, a tremendous atmosphere, some sublime football and a pretty solid performance overall. Added to that, it was a new ground I’d not been to before and a bit of a day out for me and The Witch.

Worst match?
The Leicester defeat. A poor performance devoid of passion. Last season’s play off semi final victory against them was one of the most amazing football experiences of my life, so the contrast was very stark.

Most profound blog comment?
“Abdi’s absence due to injury leaves a gaping hole in midfield” – from the aforementioned Leicester defeat.

Most ludicrously incorrect (in hindsight) blog comment?
“I think he’ll have a good season” – my comment about Fabbrini in the Brum report.

Most exhilarating moment?
McGugan’s free kick goal against Forest . Partly because it was stupendous but mainly because it was against Forest. To be fair, his goal against Derby was also pretty decent but I can’t say I felt any exhilaration when that went in.

Absolutely horrendous moment?
Nothing has stood out really (although I have missed a lot of abject performances in November/December), it’s just been generally poor and disappointing. I suppose if I had to pick something it would be the Almunia clearance that rebounded off Chris Wood’s face and into the goal in the Leicester game.

End of season predictions?
I’m actually quite positive about Watford at the moment. It was sad to see Zola go but the new guy seems passionate and I have absolute confidence in what the Pozzos are doing. The January transfer window will be important. A striker and a midfielder are absolute necessities. Still only five points off the play offs and I think that they are still a possibility come the end of the season.  


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