Watford 1 : Birmingham City 0 – 11 February 2014


Another night game for me, this time with The Witch & The Big Man alongside me, rather than anonymous Derby County season ticket holders. Aside from the televised debacle against Forest, this would be our first League match of the year. We were hopeful (desperate perhaps) about seeing some signs of progress but it was a difficult game to watch. It was a poor game, the referee’s performance was frankly quite bizarre but ultimately, it was a satisfying performance. And a victory.

Just a few random thoughts then..

1. Not the first time I’ve mentioned this but, if that East Stand (or part of it) is ready to hold spectators before the end of the season, I’ll be astounded. They’ve cleared some rubble away recently. That’s it.

2. I was mightily impressed by Daniel Tozser. For someone who can’t have played much first team football recently, he certainly looked fit & mobile. Looks like he’s a bit of an all rounder but he fits that holding midfielder role perfectly. Confident on the ball, able to tackle robustly & clearly a set piece specialist. A massive upgrade on Iriney. Sign him on.

3. Cassetti in the middle of the back three worked really well. I thought he’d shot it this season but clearly not. Looked very comfortable & sprayed some long passes around with aplomb. Pure class.

4. Deeney had a great game. Quite a surreal goal from him too but that just demonstrated his persistence. Still plowing a lone furrow for long periods but held the ball up well & worked hard.

5. This is the third time I’ve seen Brum this season but this was by far their worst performance. Clearly still in a state of transition. Chris Burke was fantastic, though. I’ll never tire of watching him play.

6. This was progress. After throwing the lead away so many times recently, this was a fantastic result. And a clean sheet.

Onwards & upwards.


2 responses to “Watford 1 : Birmingham City 0 – 11 February 2014

  1. Was a performance that was outweighed by the desire to earn 3 points at home again!
    The Hornets needed something to smile about after the last game 2-2 away to Leicester City!(Gutted but moved on quickly)
    Referee was atrocious,we played against 12 men & I don’t mean the Brum faithful that came down that night!
    I won’t repeat what you’ve observed,as usual it’s spot on.
    I’ll add that Forestieri & Doyley had solid performances also! #UORNS!

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