Derby County 2 : Birmingham City 2 – 7th March 2015


Not really in the mood to write anything substantial for this game but here are a few musings..

Yes, the referee was appalling. Mr Williamson bottled any decision he had to make, threw yellow cards around at random, kept out of Rowett’s hissy fit incident (when he should have got in there & sorted it out), incorrectly gave the penalty & played too much extra time. What a tool. But he’s not the reason why we lost.

We threw this game away. We might well be ruing those lost 2 points at the end of the season. Although our performance certainly wasn’t flawless, we dominated this game & Brum didn’t have a shot on goal until the penalty. It was an easy 3 points, there for the taking. And we cocked up. Big time.

Yep, Tom Ince scored a good goal when the Brum defence temporarily forgot his complete one footed predictability & shepherded him inside on his best (only) left foot. However, what he did that led to the penalty was inexcusable. Of course, Jeff gave him a dodgy ball when he was surrounded by Brum but you don’t lose possession like that & you don’t try to tackle their player in the box when we had other defenders closing in.

What happened at that corner? Our 2 centre halfs lying on the floor, Grant flapping around like he did when we first bought him & 3 Brum players given the freedom to scramble the ball in without any Derby player intervening. What a joke. We clearly have not got the right personnel to see games out at the moment. Where for art thou Eustace? He would have known what to do.

Albentosa? Thank god he finally got in the side. I was beginning to wonder why we’d bought him. I think he did well actually, taking into account his unfamiliarity with this insane division. He’s obviously a bit of a unit, looked a bit ungainly & was beaten for pace at least once. Having said that I thought he was solid, passed the ball out well & won his headers. Thought Keogh looked happier with him there too. I think he’ll get better.

I can’t actually believe we’re still 2nd in the league &, yes I’d have taken that at the start of the season too. Our fellow promotion rivals seem intent on slipping up as well but if we rely on that we’re all fools. We’re approaching that “business end of the season” that McClaren has always talked about. Any more cock ups like this & we’ll be dropping out of the top 6 before you can say “4-3-3”.

Can we do it? There are flaws running all through this side at the moment & we desperately need Thorne & Martin fit & back in the side as soon as possible. The side is lacking in balance in their absence. Without them it’s the play offs, at best, I’m afraid.


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