Derby County 1 : Blackburn Rovers 2 – 24th September 2016

I approached this game in a strange mood & ended the day in a pit of despair. It hasn’t taken me long to lose the positivity that I had after the Ipswich defeat. It’s a funny old game. 

Team news? Only one change from the last league home game. Bent in for the unwell James Wilson. I’m not sure that filled me with much confidence. Maybe Will would continue his excellent form from the Ipswich game & slide some quality ball into Vydra & Bent’s feet. 

Nope. While Vydra got off the mark with a splendid goal & show glimpses of what we paid £12.5 million for, the performance in general was an absolute mess & too many individuals were below par. We looked ok in parts of the match but  Hughes, Olsson, Keogh & Bryson were way off their usual standards. To concede two goals within 4 mins of going into the lead was absolutely crazy, even against a decent side but Blackburn were poor. And we lost to them.

Pearson said that there was an air of anxiety around the ground right from the start. He was right I think but there was also indifference too. There were spare seats all over the stadium & the attendance was down again. We did ok in parts of the first half but we were hesitant going forward & I personally felt pretty unengaged with it all. Having a chat with Slim Paul about his burgeoning hot tub rental business was actually more interesting than what was happening on the pitch. In fact, I completely missed Keogh’s clumsy tackle that lead to the Blackburn penalty.  We were so lucky to get away with that. Maybe that was the bit of luck that were all waiting for and would kick start our season. Nope. 

We all know what happened in the second half. It was embarrassing. I couldn’t be bothered to boo at the end, I just felt indifference.

What’s to be done then? Well, I still think that Pearson is the right man for the job. That’s what we all thought in the summer. I’m surprised he hasn’t been able to motivate or improve any of the current crop of players though. Are they really all that bad? I think a lot of them have been too comfortable over the previous three seasons & have perhaps not reacted well to the radical change Pearson has gone for (midfielders having to defend AND attack being one of those changes). The expensive bench we had on Saturday (Blackman, Ince, Johnson et al) isn’t too far off the bench Clement had for the game at Fulham in February. The game that was the final straw for Mel. We live in interesting times. 

I need a break from this and due to a combination of social events, North American holidays & the international break, that’s exactly what I’ve got. See you in late November. 


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