Derby County 1 : Huddersfield Town 1 – 17 April 2017

We all had a reasonable expectation that this game would be a bit different to the pathetic defeat at Brentford. We hoped for changes in the team, maybe even some youngsters in the side or on the bench. We hoped for some commitment and some evidence that the players were playing for their futures.

There was little evidence of this. The team had a few changes but Lowe, on the bench, was the only token youth presence. The lethargy and the mediocre performances were still there. Huddersfield were ahead after nine minutes, courtesy of a horrendous, but sadly familiar, piece of “defending” from Olsson. After that, strangely, Huddersfield took their foot off the gas and sat back. Not really what you’d expect from play off contenders but you could see what they were trying to do. Just close ranks and wait for us to attack in our usual fitful, ineffective manner. We proved incapable of breaking them down until right near the end and Butterfield’s deflected goal. Not for the first time in recent seasons, I barely felt able to celebrate a goal. And then it was all over. Another irrelevant game and the end of season for me. None of the other games are worth attending.

I was reading T S Eliot’s poem, The Hollow Men, over the weekend. As you do. The last two lines, “This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper”, made me think about the way this season has ended. What a dreadful anti-climax. Again. I honestly thought Pearson was the manager we needed to motivate and organise this disparate bunch of players to promotion and, even when he went, I thought the resurgence under McClaren had a chance of ending in redemption and promotion. It wasn’t to be. 

So, it all ends with a whimper. The season and this blog.

When I first started writing this blog I really just wanted to document my experience of going to matches as a Rams season ticket holder again (after a 20 year hiatus). It’s been interesting to go back and read how I felt after certain games and obviously it’s quite satisfying to know that people have read what you’ve written, occasionally agreed with it and even more occasionally found it astute or amusing. But, all good things come to an end and, as well as finding it increasingly difficult to get to games this season, I’ve pretty much lost the love for the club I had back in 2013 and when I first became a fan in 1982. The regular managerial departures and frankly awful performances from some of the players have left me disengaged and increasingly uninterested in writing. 

Who knows what the future holds though? Me and the Mrs are on a waiting list for a Watford season ticket..

Thanks for reading. 

Oh, if you want to hear a clip of Marlon Brando reading “The Hollow Men”, click on this.


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