They think it’s all over…

…. Well, it is now. Probably. Having started this season with the best of intentions – to resurrect the blog from a Watford perspective and keep a record of my “journey” this season, it’s turned out to be increasingly difficult to find the time to write stuff after games. Blog posts have been late, rushed and lacking in sufficient analysis. I haven’t even managed to write anything about the last three Watford games I’ve been too. So, I think it’s time to call it a day.

Going to see Watford with the other half this season has actually been a fantastic, rich experience, something that I’ve missed over most of the last four seasons when I’ve been absent every other Saturday, traipsing up to Derby and back. In fact, I think I’ve ended up preferring to talk to her about games rather than writing about them..

Anyway, for the foreseeable future, this blog is defunct. Thanks for reading.

Jonathan Rodgers

21 November 2017


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